I saw this and it made my day <3

I got one of those awesome emails in my inbox today. It really got me to thinking as I bit in to that delicious download and shivered from the eargasmic music embedded within. Think think think think…..

So I started looking up names of people to mass PM all my love to but then decided that I either don’t know what names have changed and who is all around and this and that blah blah blah blah so I made a SPAM THREAD and I hope that to any it applies to - you see! :D

I just wanted to give my general thanks to everyone who makes Lucid the kinda place it is. I started out just playing around with making avatars for my Livejournal account but it has rapidly changed my entire life. I’ve always been an artist in different fields but graphic design always seemed too far away of my realm to even consider trying for.

When I joined here I was a newb. Compared to a lot of the extremely talented people on here, I still feel appropriately labeled as a beginner (middle grade at most). However, I have gained so much knowledge and insight from my time lurking around here that I’ve not only been able to outshine my coworkers ( I work in a printing department and I have a lot of graphic tweaking and design for business cards, letterheads, logos, etc. ) where I am now but I’ve even made heads turn around the area by having several ads I’ve made for small businesses appear successfully in the newspapers. I’ve done club fliers, album covers, CD designs, etc. I’ve even helped saved small fashion boutiques with cleverly designed coupons. ( Promise I’m not trying to brag TOO much here… just pointing out the success I’ve had. )

I’ve been ridiculously busy with work and my freelance work and getting things ready to pursue this passion in school so I haven’t been able to post much but I always think back to here.

Without the thoughtful tutorials on pen tooling I would have been lost. Hell, without ANY of the tutorials here I would have been totally lost. Without the SoTW contest I would have never pushed myself in to the early hours of the morning working on a single tag making it THE BEST I could….usually to be met with one or two votes and not winning but still finding myself satisfied that I could hold some ground next to the genius I competed against. Without the truthful and compassionate feedback I would have never been able to discover depth in my work the way I do now. Without the encouragement of this fantastic community I don’t know if I would have ever went after this the way I have with the success I’ve been met with.

Someone once told me, “You have the eye and the talent…. just not the knowledge yet. This can be fixed! Keep studying. Don’t give up,” from here. I’ve followed that.

Though my presence may be absent more often than not - my appreciation most certainly isn’t. Thank you. Thank you so much.


and I say to you steph,

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